Carnival Games


We have many varieties of carnival style games, including different types of bean bag toss, football toss, rolling ball style games, golf games, and more for rent.  Choose from one of the many carnival games below.  Only $25 each if also renting inflatables.  Carnival games only, $40 each, minimum order of 3 games.


Carnival Games - PS, T&L, BM, SS

Potty Shot and Big Mouth the Clown are a couple of our bean-bag toss carnival games.  Then there is Third and Long football toss and Swish Shot basketball toss.

Over/Under - The player gets 6 balls total. Take one ball at a time and release it, letting it roll into one of the slots.  Total score less than 11 or more than 30 wins a prize.


U Bounce A Shot - Players get a chance to roll the ball down the right side of the game, banking it off the wire, and rolling to a stop in one of the five pockets.  Land in red and win a prize.

7 or 11 - Roll the 2 balls.  Roll a 7? That's easy!  Roll an 11, win a prize.  

UpHill - The Anti-Gravity Game

   Tin Pan Alley -  Roll the ball to land in the pockets.  Get one in the gold spot and win a prize!

UpHill - The Anti-Gravity Game

Try getting the ball to roll uphill and then drop into a high score!

Tic-Tac-Toe Three in a row!

Spill The Milk Carnival Game

Spill The Milk - Knock both wooden milk bottles off the pedestal with the flukey ball, win a prize.

Krazy Kans - Clear pedestal of all cans with only 3 bean-bags!

Stand-A-Bottle Carnival Game


Slip the ring over the bottleneck (wooden bottle) and stand the bottle up!  Not as easy as it sounds!

Shuffle Bowl Game

Shuffle Bowl

Slide one puck at a time and see how many pins you can flip over.  You only get three tries!

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Carnival Games - OU, PS, UBAS
7 or 11 Carnival Game
Krazy Kans Carnival Game
Frog-Hop Carnival Game

Frog-Hop - Launch a frog to land on the platform!  Be careful you don't fall short or over shoot!